Associate (Retiree, NS KAH/R(NS)As, Spouse) Membership Application 

The following groups of individuals are eligible to apply for the Associate Membership at THE CHEVRONS: 
  • Ex-regulars from the WOSpec Corps or ME Corps who have served at least 20 years in the SAF
  • NS appointment holders (NS KAHs/R(NS)As) from the WOSpec Corps
  • Spouses of Ordinary Members

Subscription Fees


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Spouses of Ordinary Members
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Sign-up Rewards (While stocks last)

5 & 10-year

Columbia Timepiece



Columbia Timepiece

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Approval of application is at the sole discretion of the management committee of the club.
  2. Acceptance of application form DOES NOT constitute to the approval of membership application.
  3. The club is not obliged to give reasons for membership applications.
  4. All prices stated are subject to prevailing GST rates.
Absent Membership Application Form
You may complete the Absent Membership application form and submit together with documents supporting your overseas posting to the Membership department.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Absent membership is only applicable to members who are away from Singapore for a consecutive period of 3 months or more.
  2. Application is to be submitted with documentary proof (original or Certified True Copy) within 1 month after returning to Singapore.
  3. During the period of absence, members' privileges will be suspended. He and his family shall not be entitled to use the facilities of the Club.
  4. Subscription will be refunded to members within 2 months upon receiving the application form.

Application for Complimentary Car Parking

Members who wish to enjoy the complimentary car parking are required to fill out and submit the application for Complimentary Car Parking Form at the Reception Office, or send a scanned copy of the completed form to [email protected]