Solemnisation & Wedding Packages

Solemnisation and Wedding Packages

Planning for a wedding can be a daunting task. But it does not have to be that way when you do it at THE CHEVRONS. 

Entrust your special day to our team of experienced wedding planners, and walk down the aisle with peace of mind. 

Pick a venue of your choice - choose from the grand ballroom, the picturesque poolside, or a variety of classy function rooms, and let our team of professionals work with you to map out every detail of your big day. 

Find out more about the wedding and solemnisation packages we offer:


 International / Malay / Indian Menu

Reception: $1,388++ (min. 30 pax)

Package: $4,288++ (min. 60 pax)

Chinese Course Menu

Package / Reception: $788++ (per table)


Chinese Course Menu

Package (per table)

Silver: $788++

Gold: $888++

Diamond: $1,088++

International / Malay / Indian Menu

Reception (per pax)

Silver: $55++

Gold: $65++

Diamond: $75++

International / Malay / Indian Menu

Package (per pax)

Silver: $68++

Gold: $78++

Diamond: $88++


Reception: Includes venue rental, food and beverages, and sound system

Package: Includes venue rental, food and beverages, sound system, decorations, miscellaneous

For customised packages and other requirements, please contact Fanny at 6668 8865 / 8870 or send an e-mail to

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