Frequently Asked Questions


1.   I am a SAFRA member, can I book a chalet/bungalow unit under members' rates? 
SAFRA members are not part of our membership base; therefore, public rates will apply.  

2.   What is the minimum age limit for chalet/bungalow applicants?

Our chalet/bungalow units are open for application only to persons aged 18 years old and above.

3.   What is the maximum duration that I can book?
As our chalets/bungalows are meant for short stays and recreation purposes, the maximum period of occupancy is 4 days and 3 nights for all applications. 

4.   If the maximum booking duration per application is 3 nights, can I extend my stay under another person's name?
These two applications shall be considered as two different bookings and the first occupant must check out with all their belongings; therefore, such an arrangement is strictly impermissible. 

5.   Can I select a specific unit for my stay?
As the units are automatically allocated by our system on a first come, first serve basis, room selection is not available.

6.   I am a member, can I book the chalet/bungalow for my families/friends under members' rates?
No, bookings made under members' rates are strictly for members’ use only, as it is an exclusive privilege. For all other bookings, public rates shall apply.

7.   What are the charges if I cancel my booking?

Any changes to bookings will be considered as cancellation once the receipt is issued. The cancellation charges are as follows:

Notice Period
(prior to check-in date)
Percentage of Chargeable Rental Fee
More than 30 days
Between 15 - 30 days
Between 7 - 14 days
Less than 7 days

Cancellation requests are to be made through the link provided in the confirmation e-mail, in person, and the refund amount will be issued by cheque within three (3) weeks from the date of request.

8.   Do I need to reserve a BBQ pit?
Reservation of BBQ pits is not required as each chalet/bungalow unit has its own BBQ pit. Occupants are advised to dispose, or keep all their belongings (e.g. wire mesh and BBQ tongs, etc.) at the end of the day. 

9.   Can you put me on a waiting list if the chalets/bungalows are fully booked?
We do not have a waiting list as our online booking system is updated regularly.


10.   Can I request for an early check-in or early/late check-out?
No. We require ample time for housekeeping and other administrative matters; the check-in time is fixed at 1400 - 1900 hrs, and the check-out time will be between 0900 - 1100 hrs at the Reception Office.

11.   How many beds are there in the chalet/bungalow unit?

Each chalet unit comes with a queen-size bed (with a pull out bed) and two single beds. 
Each bungalow unit comes with a queen-size bed and five single beds. 

12.   I am planning to organise a party. Can I put up decorations?
Temporary party decorations within the unit are allowed. Any form of adhesive shall not be used on any part of the walls, furniture, or fixtures in the unit. Any reparation costs incurred for damages done to the walls, furniture, and fixtures will be borne by the occupant.


13.   Can I cook in the chalet/bungalow unit?
To prevent power trips, cooking of any form and the use of personal electrical appliances such as rice cookers and steamboats, etc. are not permissible in the chalet unit.

Light cooking is allowed in the bungalow units (e.g. no deep frying, frying, etc.). 

14.   Can I move tables from the chalet/bungalow outside?
No. In view of the safety and convenience of other occupants, we do not allow tables to be placed outside of your unit. Any display of food, etc. should be done within your designated BBQ pit area, or in your unit in the event of unfavourable weather conditions.

15.   How many tables and chairs are provided in the chalet?
Each unit comes with 1 dining table with 6 chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available for rental from our Sales & Marketing Department. Please fill up and submit a copy of the form below via fax (6668 8833), or send a scanned copy to [email protected] Upon acceptance of your booking request, our Sales & Marketing team will contact you regarding the confirmation of your rental of banquet equipment and instructions for e-Payment. All applications are to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the delivery and full payment to be made within 3 working days upon receiving confirmation of your booking to secure the above rental.
Rental of Equipment Form


16.   Since I am staying for more than one night, can I leave my belongings at the BBQ area?
No. For cleanliness and hygiene reasons, our cleaners will wash the BBQ area every morning and dispose of any food and BBQ accessories / charcoal that are left behind.


17.   What are the car parking charges?
Our car parking charges are as follows:

Parking Rates

Day Time Rates
Mon - Fri 0700 - 1659 hrs
1700 - 0659 hrs
$1.20 per hour
$2.50 per entry
Sat, Sun & PH 0700 - 0659 hrs (next day)
$2.50 per entry

Occupants will be issued with three (3) complimentary parking tickets (one-time entry) for the entire duration of their stay.

18.   Are there any games available for rental?
Mahjong sets are available for rental upon your check-in at a one-time rental fee of $10 during your stay. 


19.   Can I patronise the club’s facilities if I am not a member of the club?
Some of the club’s facilities are open to occupants, such as Aviary KTV, The Bistro, swimming pool, and the bowling alley. Occupants are required to observe the appropriate dress codes at all times when patronising any of the club’s facilities.