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Guide for First-time Applicants (Online Booking)

THE CHEVRONS Members (Click here for a visual step-by-step guide):

  1. Create a new account here: https://ebooking.chevrons.org.sg/CvCrm/signup
  2. Visit the following link: https://ebooking.chevrons.org.sg/CvCrm/login
  3. Sign in using your account login details.
  4. Start booking!

Unable to create your account? Click here: Troubleshooting Guide

Note: During the registration process, you may encounter an "Unexpected error... received unexpected response from server" message. In the event that you encounter this message, please close the error message pop-up and carry out a few more attempts to create your account. If you are still unable to create your account after a few attempts, please send an e-mail to membership@chevrons.org.sg, and we will assist you accordingly.

  • At the login page, enter your E-MAIL ADDRESS (User ID) and PASSWORD.


  1. Create a new account here: https://ebooking.chevrons.org.sg/face/Account/Register
  2. Visit the following link: https://ebooking.chevrons.org.sg/face/Account/Login
  3. Sign in using your account login details.
  4. Start booking!

Note: Please ensure the contact details provided during registration is complete and accurate. THE CHEVRONS reserves the rights to cancel any bookings made using accounts with inaccurate/invalid contact details without any prior notice.


For enquiries please call 6668 8884 / 8885 / 8860 / 8866 / 8881.