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The following table depicts the types of membership in the club, which are compulsory to full-time servicemen ranked LCP - CWO 
and ME1 - 3. Membership and deduction of its subscription fee will automatically cease when the member ORD from the service.

Only retired WOs/Specialists and spouses of Ordinary members may apply for Associate membership, subject to the 
management committee's approval.

Membership is not open to: 
   - private NSF;
   - NSmen;
   - public; and 
   - corporate.



All Military Experts (1 - 3), Warrant Officers, Specialists & 
DXO equivalents (grade 4 -7) 
who are regulars in the SAF


$5.00 per month
(Compulsory Membership*)

 Ordinary - NSF

 NSFs ranked 3SG and 2SG

$1.50 per month
(Compulsory Membership*)

 Associate - REG

All regulars ranked LCP to SCT

 $5.00 per month
(Compulsory Membership*)
 Associate - NSF

NSFs ranked LCP to SCT

$1.50 per month
(Compulsory Membership*)

 Associate - Retiree**

 Retired Warrant Officers & Specialists who were regulars in the SAF for at least 30 years


Retiree: $60.00 for 1 year
(Through Application)

Spouse: $10.00 for 1 year
(Through Application)

 Associate - Spouse

Spouses of Ordinary Members















*The compulsory membership and deduction of subscription fees is a top level MINDEF/SAF decision made.
  The club management and staff do not have any influence to cease the deduction of membership subscription.

**Please note that the criterion for Associate Member (Retiree) application and renewal has been changed from 10 years of service 
   in the SAF to 30 years, effective 1 December 2010. 
   Letters have been sent to all affected members in March / April 2011.
   The membership fee has also been adjusted from $10 to $60 per year, in line with Ordinary Member's membership fee.

***Consumption within the club's F&E outlets: Lounge and KTV.