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Bowling Rates for Eves of PH
Bowling rates for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
SAF Veterans' League Writing Competition
Writing competition for SAF Veterans' League members
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KTV Room Package
Sing your heart out at Aviary KTV
Fire Rhythm Live Band Performance
Chill out at the Savannah and be enchanted by Ivan, Weng & Kaye with a repertoire of ...
House Pour Liquor Promotion
Free 2-hour deluxe KTV room usage with every bottle purchased
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Countdown to 2015 Party
Be illuminated this 31st December as we count down to 2015 with neon lights!
Special Movie Treat - ‘Night At The Muse...
Join Larry as he tries to save the magic before it's gone forever!
Baking Workshop on 6 Dec 2014
Learn to bake for your loved ones this Christmas!
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